Game consoles are a popular way to watch TV!

This came from my Nintendo contact – an interesting article on how gaming consoles are changing the way we watch TV.

Study:  Half of Netflix Users Connect Through Game consoles
Half of subscribers to online video service, Netflix, stream their content using a video game console, finds a Nielsen survey.  According to the survey, 25% of Neflix users stream video through the Nintendo Wii, 13% use the PlayStation 3 and 12% access the service via Xbox Live. Nielsen also found usage of video site Hulu was far less frequent on game consoles.  The survey found 3% of Hulu users accessed videos through the Wii, and an additional 3% via PS3, while 2% used Xbox. Watching directly on a computer topped all other channels, with 42% of Netflix users and 89% of Hulu users taking that approach.
Recently, Nintendo launched a Netflix app for its Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

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