Coupons to Troops

I found a wonderful organization that is helping our troops, Coupons To Troops.

Did you know that overseas military families are able to use coupons that are expired, up to 6 months past their expiration? 

Coupons to Troops’ goal is to to get coupons right into the hands of those military families as quickly as possible.  Coupons to Troops will match you to a family overseas that needs your coupons.  You don’t mail your coupons to someone who sorts them and then sends them overseas, you mail them directly to the family that needs them.  This gets the coupons in their hands faster!

And you’ll know that your coupons are being received and that they are appreciated since you have that one-on-one contact with the family you are sending to.  And best of all, there is no additional cost to send the coupons directly overseas, as it is the same exact postage cost as if you were mailing across town.

I hope you will consider checking out Coupons To Troops – they have a waiting list of military families that wish to participate!