Tuesday’s Treat – Ice Cream Craft

Each week Momondealz bring us a craft that we can do with our children that is fun, educational, and frugal!

Summer means ICE CREAM so here is a fun, frugal, educational, ice cream craft (that won’t melt!)

There is also a recipe for making ice cream in a bag HERE.


Construction paper
1. Using brown construction paper cut triangles out to make “cones”.

2. Draw an ice cream scoop shape on various colors of construction paper to create your “ice cream”.

3. Decide what topic you would like to reinforce and write on the shapes (different topics listed below). I chose to use A, B, C and common words that begin with those letters. Will can mix up the “scoops” and then match the words to the correct beginning letter.

4. After making your game, enjoy some real chocolate ice cream!

There are endless learning topics you can use with these ice cream cones:

Language Arts:
1. Word Families-Write a word family such as st on the cones and then write st words on the scoops to match up such as star or stop.

2. Story elements-Write the title of the story on the cone and setting, characters, problem, solution on the scoops.

3. Sentence practice-Write a sentence on the scoops and have your child put the sentence in correct order on top of the cone.

4. Story retelling-Put the title of the story on the cone and put beginning, middle, and end on the scoops and have your child fill it out after reading a story.


1. Number recognition-Write different numbers on the cones and put the corresponding number of scoops on top of the cone.

2. Number families-Write different numbers on the cones and put different ways to make that number on the scoops. For example, put 6 on the cone and put 2+4 on one scoop, 2X3 on one scoop, 12/2 on one scoop and have your child match them up (obviously for older kids).

Other Uses:

1. Color recognition-Put different colored scoops on the cones and have your child ID the different colors.

2. Potty Training-Tape the cone to the wall and each time your child uses the potty add a scoop. When they reach 3 scoops, enjoy some ice cream as a treat.

3. Art-Have your child cut out different toppings and decorate the scoops. You could also do the color wheel with these scoops-put purple on the cone and then put scoops with the colors used to create purple on top of the cone.

I would love to hear about any other ideas you have for these “ice cream cones”!

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