Life without TV…

So, we have officially terminated our cable service.

You may remember me telling you we had “suspended” our service for 6 months. That was back before Christmas. So our 6 months was up a couple weeks ago. We were supposed to get a letter in the mail before it was turned back on so we would know. But we didn’t get the letter. It was on for a few days before I knew it was on. I just happened to notice our DVR record light on. I was like, “Why is the DVR recording something?” So I flipped it on and there was cable! Haha.

So I called DirecTV and explained that we hadn’t gotten the letter and that we did NOT want our service back on. They were nice about it and aren’t going to charge us for the FOUR days it was on and I didn’t know it!

So obviously, if we had cable and didn’t even know it, the certainly we must not have missed it over the last 6 months!

Have we completely avoided our favorite TV shows, weather, news and more for 6 months? Absolutely not! I still saw every episode of Grey’s Anatomy this season and Bug has had his fill of Thomas and Friends. We just do it without paying $80+ a month for it!

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