Get 30 issues of All You magazine for $25 AND help others!

I’ve joined with Click4Hope to help bring relief to the tornado-stricken areas of the South. I live in Alabama in an area that suffered some damage (no where near what Tuscaloosa and Shoal Creek sustained) and still, 6 weeks later, there are houses everywhere with tarps still on their roofs, there are trees still down everywhere, piles of debris sitting on the side of the highway, people still displaced – nothing looks normal.

It’s going to take a long time and a lot of help to get back to “normal”. And you can help!

Through Click4Hope and efundraisingonline you can purchase 30 issues of All You Magazine for only $25 (that’s less than $1 per issue!) And when you do $8 of your purchase goes directly to tornado relief victims.

There are also many other great items and magazine subscriptions you can purchase through efundrasingonline – and when you do the proceeds will also go to tornado relief!

But you know, I love All You magazine, so I have to be sure to tell you about the hot deal. You won’t find this price anywhere else! It’s packed with coupons so if you don’t already subscribe, you should!!

My personal fundraising goal is $400 (that’s 50 magazine subscriptions I need to sell!) so I hope you’ll help me!

Did you know you can get MORE than one subscription to All You? You’ll have to enter a different name, but you can have them sent to the same address. Then you’ll have TWICE as many coupons!

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