Deals on Dining Furniture

Do you have an area in your house that is the bane of your existence? Mine is the dining room. I desperately need new dining furniture. I’ve never liked our dining table and chairs but we bought it secondhand for cheap when we were trying to furnish our house before we got married. So, well, it has sufficed for the last 6 years.

The problem with my dining room is that it’s small and I need to be able to seat a lot of people.

I need a table that seats 8 but doesn’t take up a lot of space. Not too much to ask is it??

I like this one. These square shaped tables are intriguing. They look like they seat more people while taking up less space. I like that the chairs are simple and sleek. My current chairs are very ornate and over sized.

Tables with a removable leaf are always a good option when you don’t need to seat 6 or 8 people all the time. I like having people over for dinner and hate having to limit myself to how many people can sit at our table! Between Hubs and I we have 6 parents. It’s almost impossible to have them all over for dinner at the same time. It’s nice, but we are so squished at the table.

With no more space than I have, I really shouldn’t be looking at a Buffett Table. But I looked anyway. :)

I would LOVE to have this if I had a place to put it! Look how much extra storage it creates! (I am ALL about extra storage!)

Right now at Cymax Stores you can get 10% off your dining furniture purchase of $699.00 or more with code DINING10.

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