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While I consider myself more of a “cat person“, I have had many beloved dogs in my lifetime. The two that were the biggest part of my life were Buster and Buffy. Buster was out of the litter of puppies our dog, Pepper, had when I was eight. All the dogs I ever had growing up were mutts, and Buster was no exception. Except his daddy must’ve been a lab because Buster had the sleekest, prettiest black fur you’ve ever seen and the sweet, inquisitive face and expressive eyes of a lab. But boxer must’ve been in his bloodline somewhere because he was huge. I had a boyfriend in high school that joked that Buster’s chest width and shoulder span was more than his. He said it jokingly, but honestly, he was right. Now, Buster wouldn’t have harmed a fly but grown men were scared of him. And if my dad wasn’t home, he wouldn’t let ANYONE on the porch. He was that protective of Mom and me. He never attacked anyone (and probably never would have unless someone was posing real harm to us), but he was big enough that all he had to do was stand at the top of the porch steps and growl. It was enough to make the UPS man leave the packages at the foot of the stairs. :) Buster died when I was 16. We had a good eight years. And eight years was just about the longest we ever had a dog. We had eight acres and our pets were always allowed to roam. Which means, sometimes, one day they just didn’t come home. Buster was such a great dog that my parents never got another one. No dog would’ve filled his (huge) paws.

Buffy was a puppy that my husband got before we got married. She was “our” first pet. She’s been gone for a year and half now. We miss her. She was a golden lab. I just love labs. If I ever have another dog, that’s what it will be.

If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll love Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog’s Life: 101 Stories about All the Ages and Stages of Our Canine Companions.

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Then, when you’re ready to cry, flip to the back and read #96 I Just Knew or #100 Too Happy to Die.

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