Winn-Dixie fuelperks! now includes Baby Club items!

Winn-Dixie Baby Club and fuelperks! Deals

Stock up on products for baby and save at the pump!

Winn-Dixie continues to expand its fuelperks! Bonus Rewards program to include baby products, allowing shoppers to earn 10-cent-per-gallon discounts on fuel for every $25 spent on diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, accessories and baby health and beauty items.

  • Double fuelperks! discounts on select gift cards, including iTunes, LL Bean, Applebee’s, Lowe’s and Old Navy;
  • Bonus fuelperks! discounts on all baby items for members of Winn-Dixie’s Baby Club. Enrollment is free for anyone expecting a baby or with a baby 2 years old or younger. Baby Club members earn a 10-cent-per-gallon discount for every $25 spent on baby products, and 25-cent-per-gallon discount for every $50 spent on diapers, wipes, food, formula, accessories, baby health and beauty items

About Winn-Dixie’s fuelperks! Program

The fuelperks! program at Winn-Dixie serves as a solution for many local motorists, as gas prices are expected to top $4 per gallon by Mother’s Day. The average price of gasoline is $3.95 per gallon, 99 cents more than a year ago and 24 cents higher than a month ago. The key to the fuel savings program is the popular Winn-Dixie Customer Reward Card (CRC), which includes a magnetic stripe on the back, similar to a debit or credit card. This new card is required in order to earn and redeem fuelperks! rewards.

For every $50 in qualified purchases using the new CRC at Winn-Dixie, a 5-cent-per-gallon discount on fuel is earned and redeemable on a single fill-up, up to 20 gallons, at any one of more than 400 participating Shell stations. Additionally, fuelperks! are stackable — the more shoppers spend, the more they earn. For example, if a customer spends $100, they will earn a 10-cent-per-gallon discount; if they spend $150, they earn a 15-cent-per-gallon discount, etc.

With a number of different Bonus fuelperks! Rewards items with NO LIMIT each week, shoppers can quickly increase their savings, earning 25- to 50-cent-per-gallon discounts or more by purchasing the featured items. Bonus items that are earned in varying ratios (earn 5 cents on purchase of two) will still require customers to purchase the two items to receive the discount. Customers may also continue to purchase multiple offers in a single transaction.

The fuelperks! program is available in the Jacksonville, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Naples/Fort Myers, Panama City and West Palm Beach metro areas in Florida, southeast Georgia, and in New Orleans, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, La. For more information about fuelperks!, including answers regarding enrollment, redemption and expiration dates, please visit the fuelperks! website or Facebook page.

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