Use your FREE samples to help storm victims!

So we talked about raiding our stockpiles and I showed you how to pack a medium or large flat rate box with items for the online donation drive

But all those smaller sized free samples we couponers get tons of are helpful too and can be sent as well. 

A SMALL flat rate box ships for $5.20 regardless of weight and is a great size for travel size toothpastes, deodorants, body washes, shampoos and those sample packs of medicine or lotion that we get!

Side note – I was SUPER excited that I had baby formula samples to take to the donation site yesterday!!! 

Not too long ago, I had decided that my samples were too hard to store, so I started using up the sample size shampoo, body washes and toothpastes just to get rid of all those tiny bottles.  So I was disappointed to not have more sample size stuff to show.  But I did have 4 shampoos, 2 body washes and some OTC medication samples.

I got them all in with some room to spare.  I could’ve fit some more shampoos or a couple travel size tubes of toothpaste.  Or a travel size deodorant.

Wonder where these donations are going?  I was just there yesterday!

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