Update on items needed for Disaster Relief!

Here is an update on the online donation drive through First Baptist Church of Moody.  We are at the epicenter of one of the tornado outbreaks.

There is a dire need of flashlights and PLENTY OF BATTERIES.  One of our neighborhoods has been so completely devastated that they don’t expect power to be restored for weeks.  (There is a list below of more items that are needed as well)

Our church has agreed to accept donations sent directly to the church and we will get the items where they need to be.

You can send your items to:
Disaster Relief
c/o First Baptist Church of Moody
902 Church Street
Moody, AL 35004

Online: You can ship items directly to the church via Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. A few people have ordered cases of diapers, wipes and even food. Anything that you want to send would be appreciated!
Share it: Please feel free to share this information via your blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. The more people that know of this option, the better!
Used items: We will gladly accept used clothing, shoes, and household items. Please use your own judgment on if they are in good shape or not.  Remember – people have lost everything – bedsheets, towels, washclothes, pillows, blankets, dishes, etc. and will have to rebuild from the ground up.

New items:
Can openers
Candles and lighters/matches
dog collars and leashes
pet beds for the shelters
paper plates and plastic silverware
Depends/Poise products

I’ve added these things to the list of items I previously posted.

Find out how you can ship your donations inexpensively with a flat rate box from the USPS.

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