TTTF Feature Blog: A Helicopter Mom

Each week $aving Toward a Better Life and Buzzing the Day Away will be choosing one participant from the previous week’s Thursday’s Train to Facebook linky at random.

The chosen person will be given spot #3 on the following week’s train list. In addition to the #3 spot, we will also be posting an entirely separate blog post featuring this person and highlighting their blog and Facebook page!!

On to the newest featured blogger!

This week’s featured blogger is..

Mickey is the stay at home mom to three children. She has two girls ages 6 and 4 and one baby boy. In addition to being mom, she also runs a small baking/dessert business from her home.

Her blog, A Helicopter Mom is all about her children and her overprotective perspective on life. Her blog has become a great record of her kids’ lives.

On Mondays you can join her in her Alexa Hop and on Wednesdays she co-hosts the I Love Blogging Hop.

She also hosts giveaways on her blog. Currently you can enter to win a Bobby Long CD. Soon she will be adding French Toast, Babylegs and a Waterford Bag Lady Custom Diaper Bag to the list of giveaways.

She uses her Facebook Page to update her fans on her blog posts.

Please take a minute and “like” her Facebook page because It’s always great to find new friends!

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