Rebate of the Day – Filtrete Filters at Lowe’s

Purchase select Filtrete Filters from Lowe’s (or and be eligible for a rebate!

Save $6 wyb 2 Filtrete Maxiumum Allergen (1900), 2 Ultra Allergen (1500) or 2 Micro Allergen Extra 2 packs (1085).


Save $4 wyb 1 Filtrete Allergen Reduction 4″ filter.

I used to think these were too expensive (the Allergen Reduction 4″ filter is $30!). I thought they had to be replaced monthly like I do the cheaper ones I buy. But they last more than a month! The $30 last up to 12 months! The other varieties last 3 months and are around $20.

So buy 2 for $40 and get $6 back = $32 for 6 months worth of filters ($4 a month) or buy the $30 and get $4 back = $26 for 12 months! That’s just a little over $2 a month (which is more than I pay for the CHEAP filters each month!)

Plus, Lowe’s Credit Card customers get 5% off their purchases made on their Lowe’s cards!! (5% of $30 is $1.50)

Good on purchases made 4/1-6/30/11

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