NEW Publix Coupon Policy beginning May 2011

Publix is rolling out a new coupon policy that is set to be “official” on May 23rd. I’ve read over it and nothing major is changing. It’s really going to make things easier because it spells out everything from a corporate level so there is nothing left up to interpretation by the stores.

Notable points:
Each store will post a list of grocery competitors within a 5 mile radius. These will be the only stores that competitor coupons will be accepted from.

The new policy gives the stores the right to limit quantities to prevent “shelf clearing”. Which is good for everyone.

They will still allow “stacking” coupons.

They will still allow “overage“. And you can receive money back if your coupon total is higher than your product total.

I have updated the Getting Started at Publix post with the new coupon policy info.