Hundreds of choices at Baby Bedding Zone

When I first found out I was pregnant, one thing I thought about a lot was the perfect nursery with the perfect bedding. I knew that if it were a boy I wanted to do the nursery in blue and brown baby bedding and if it were a girl I wanted to use pink and brown baby bedding.

When we found out it was a BOY (which was just about exactly 3 years ago – mid-May of 2008) I immediately started looking for crib sets that met my criteria – blue and brown and simple. I did not want busy patterns or overbearing themes. I wanted nice and simple and cute. And I eventually found the perfect bedding.

I was browsing Baby Bedding Zone today (because my sister-in-law is pregnant with baby #5 which is her first boy! So she’s going to need new bedding!) and I didn’t see the bedding I ended up getting three years ago but I did find several that I had looked at back then! Including this set which is very similar to what I ended up getting – same colors with stars, small stripes (no big stripes or blocks of color) and big polka dots:
I was also intrigued by the selection of black and white crib bedding – which was a color combination that I had never considered. But after seeing some of the crib sets, I may use black and white with a touch of pink if we have a little girl! I mean, look how cute this is:

Ok. So I am not pregnant but I do have a two year old who will be moving to a toddler bed real soon. Baby Bedding Zone also has toddler bedding sets and kids bedding sets. I really like the “Play Ball Sports” toddler bedding set – it’s brown and blue. ;)

This is a paid post I wrote on behalf of the sponsor. All opinions are still my own.