Food Giant Bargain Brag

So yesterday was double coupon day at Food Giant where the double up to $1!!

Everything in this picture would’ve been $31.63 without coupons.

With (3) $1 off Tidy Cats, (3) 75c off Glad, 50c off Puffs, $1 off Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers and $1 off Marie Callendar’s Meals (all doubled), I saved $17.50. (That doesn’t factor in that the trash bags and cat litter were on sale making my savings off regular retail even higher. That was $17.50 from just 9 coupons!)

I paid $$14.13 (before tax)!

Like I said, the Glad and Tidy Cats were on sale. But the other items were still good deals even though they weren’t on sale. I had a 50c off Puffs coupon that was about to expire making the tissues on 36c! And the dinners were $2.98. I had a $1 off coupon for each of them making each only 98c! (Compare taking those to work for lunch vesus eating out and I’ve saved a ton! I’ve got two lunches for what an order of fries costs!)

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