Disaster Relief – your donations at work!

I am SO proud to say that I had a part in this online donation drive.  I stopped at the distribution center on my lunch break to drop some things off.  I asked if they needed another set of hands to help and they said sure! 

I jumped in on the food box assembly line.

Here was a portion of the area I was stationed in.  We were packing boxes with juices, food items (canned goods, jars of peanute butter and jelly, rice, pastas, individually packaged chips, crackers and cereal bars, cereal, poptarts, etc.) and paper plates, cups, napkins, bowls and utensils. 

Here was one of my finished boxes before I taped it up:

And after they were taped up they went here:
The two stacks on the left with the white labels were toiletry boxes.  The rest on the right side of the picture were food boxes.  You see the two stacks in the back peeking out at the top?  When I got there I taped up my first box and put it on the on a small stack front of those two stacks.  This is what it looked like before I left!
The donation center sent out a truck full of 28,000 pounds of care packages today!  It’s so awesome that your items are being well used!
Just so you know that the donations you send ARE getting to where they need to be, I was snapped this picture too:
Thank you for your donations!
You can continue to send donations to:
Disaster Relief
c/o FBC Moody
902 Church Street

Moody, AL 35004

To get a full list of items needed go to the main post about the online donation drive!

As I was leaving, I saw this church van in the parking lot…It was from Illinois!