Tuesday’s Treat – Create a "store" to teach your kids about money!

Thanks to MomOnDealz for the great, fun, educational ideas she brings us!

Construction paper
Play Money (can be printed HERE)

1. Talk with your child about what kind of store they would like to open (Will chose a dinosaur store). Draw that store on paper.
2. Browse magazines or the internet for pictures of items that may be in the selected store. Cut out the pictures and glue them in a display on the paper (Obviously we used PBS.org to get our Dinosaur Train pictures).
3. Label the items in your store with prices.

4. Print out the paper money and cut it out or use play money from the Dollar Store.
5. Shop your store. Be sure to give your child a set amount of money they can spend so they learn the concept of not spending more than they have. 

Language Arts Modifications:
1. Have your child create a shopping list before they “their shop”. Making a list is one form of pre-writing in the writing process.
2. Have your child write about “shopping trip” afterwards and sequence the items they bought.
3. Have your child write how they determined what items they could buy and still maintain their budget.

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Dinosaur Train Toys

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