Save Money by Using Reusable Bags!

Lots of people worry about the cost of being green.  We cringe when we picture price tags on organic foods and shudder when we think about replacing perfectly fine appliances to ‘upgrade’ to more expensive, less convenient green options.  Who wants a shower head that uses less water if it takes 10 minutes longer to wash your hair?  Or an Energy Star washer that has to add 20 minutes to the cycle to properly clean your clothes? 

Well I can personally tell you that none of these things are true.  In fact, I can even let you in on an awesome eco secret…you can get PAID to be green!  Our country as a whole is on a reusable bag kick.  I mean, half of California has banned plastic shopping bags entirely.  I don’t know anyone who uses them, and I watch people roll their eyes at me when I pull out my own and hand them to the bagger. 

But here’s a news flash – those bags cost the stores money, and you are paying for them with higher shelf prices!  And some of these stores have decided to give money back to those who don’t use them! 

Here’s some that I know about:
Target – Has a $.05 off credit on your order for each reusable bag per visit.

CVS – Pick up a bag tag from them for $.99 and they will scan it along with your CVS card whenever you use a reusable bag.  Every 4 scans will get you $1 ECB!

Lowes Foods – They give a $.05 Fresh Rewards credit on your Fresh Rewards card for each reusable bag you use.

Giant – Gives $.05 for every bag you bring to bag groceries.

Shop Right – Also $.05 for each bag you bring.

Trader Joe’s – You’ll be entered into a $20 GC Drawing for using reusable bags.

Whole Foods – $.05-$.10 off your bill for each reusable bag…Whole Foods has completely stopped using plastic bags, so if you don’t bring your own you will get 100% recycled paper paper bags instead!

Sun Harvest – $.05 off your order for each reusable bag.

You can buy reusable bags in just about any price range, but a good bag can carry 2-3 times what you carry in one plastic bag and they won’t rip!  You’ll be helping to save the environment and have to take less trips to the car. 

On April 17th, the first 1 million Target customers will get a FREE reusable bag!

Also, if you are near an H-E-B, they will be exchanging 5+ plastic bags for reusable totes on April 22nd from 3-7pm

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