Ways to Make Money Online – Affiliates for your Blog

This month’s feature is ways to make money online.  I know of at least 15 different ways to make a little money online.  No scams, no schemes, no get rich quick.  Just ways to pick up a little extra cash!

If you have blog, the ways to make a little revenue from it are plentiful!  You can sign up with an affiliate program and post the campaigns that they offer.  You receive a small amount from clicks or sign ups on the the campaign links and often a larger amount if the link turned into a purchase from the advertiser.

Just like with the Sponsored Posts, you don’t want to inundate your readers with irrelevant stuff.  But it’s easy to find campaigns to share with your readers that they would be interested in (coupons, free samples and more).  So if you have a blog, get started with these affiliates today:

MySavings Media Super Affiliate Program

Logical Media

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