Toddler Talk Thursdays – What’s in your toddler’s toybox?

Crazy About My Baybah What’s in Bug’s toybox?

Well, the short answer to that is hardly anything because the toys are scattered out all over the house.  :)

We have several “toy boxes”.  We have one that stays in his room which is mostly filled with what he’s NOT playing with right now.  Then we use the bottom two “cubbies” in our (very large) entertainment center in the living room to store toys.  One holds puzzles and a bin full of books.  Another holds a bin of random toys.

Then we have two storage boxes that slide under the couch when not in use (awesome!)  One has firetrucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, etc.  The other has….

Everything Thomas the Train related!  Tracks, trains, cargo, signs, buffers, station houses, etc, etc, etc.

That’s what we are all about at our house…TRAINS!  :)

He also loves to play with an empty box big enough to climb in, my husband’s old Razor phone and price tags off of his Thomas the Train clothes (because they have pictures of Thomas on them).  

I love linking up to Toddler Talk Thursdays!  If you’re raising a toddler, you should check it out!  There is a new topic each week.

Maybe Toddler Talk Thursdays will talk about PRESCHOOL soon!  My son is in preschool because I have to work.  But fortunately, I work at the preschool he attends!

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