Toddler Talk Thursday – Little Helpers!

I LOVE Toddler Talk Thursdays!  And I hope that you don’t mind if I take a short break from deals and coupons to talk a little bit about the toddler that rules around here!

This week’s Toddler Talk poses the question – how does your little one like to help.  My 2 year old LOVES to unload the dishwasher!

I took this picture a year ago – here he is at 17 months (this was around the age he began wanting to do this particular task) unloading the silverware and putting in the silverware drawer.  I didn’t even have to tell him where to put it, I guess he had seen me do it enough times!

It’s almost a nightly occurrence now – he’ll come into the kitchen and want to help Mommy with the “poons” (spoons).  I take out any sharp knives in the dishwasher and then let him have at it!

At first, he just tossed everything into the one drawer.  But now he’s learned that the bigger things (tongs, ladles, spatulas, etc.) go in a different drawer.  And he’ll put them there!

Now, if I could just teach him to fold laundry…

I think Toddler Talk Thursday should talk Potty Training next, if they haven’t already!  That’s something we are trying at our house!

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