Bargain Brag and Savings Tracker for February Update!

Last week was a BORING week for drug store deals.  I went to CVS because I HAD to spend ECBs.  Here’s what I got:

4 boxes of Pop-Tarts and eos lip balm for $1.97!

That’s a 90% savings off the shelf price of $11.95!

Plus I got $2.99 back in ECBs!

So just exactly how have I done with my $300 grocery goal for February?  Well, I am proud to announce that this month is the closest I’ve gotten to reaching my $300 goal!!!!

In February, I got $648.38 worth of groceries.  I saved $179.78 by using coupons and saved $189.14 by purchasing items at sale price for a total savings of $380.92!!

Which means I only paid $314.74 for my $648 worth of groceries!  That’s a savings of nearly 59%!

I also received $12 in rebates this month.  I roll by rebate money right back into the grocery budget – so….

Total spent on groceries this month was $302.74!  

I was only $2.74 over my goal!!  WOO HOO!

I keep up with everything in my savings tracker.  You can get one too!

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