Another Walmart Clearance Brag!

I shared with you a few days ago about the boys outfits I got for $1 each at Walmart this past Sunday.  Well, I’m going to show you why I visit the children’s clearance rack at my store every time I’m in there.  I was in there again on Thursday (just 4 days from the last trip) and found MORE things that weren’t there Sunday!

The winter coat in the back was marked $6.50 but it rang up $5!  I was excited!  I was going to buy it for $6.50 so when it rang up only $5, all the better!  It’s a 4T so bug can wear it when it’s winter again.

The blue fleece pullover is a size 6 – $1.00

The white long sleeve tee is a size 8 – $1.00

and the black fleece pullover in the front is a size 8 – $1.00

Total for everything in the picture – $8.00!

Now, you may think I’m crazy buying size 6 and 8 clothes for my son when he’s only 2.  But for only $1, why not?  He’ll be there eventually!  I bought 3T stuff when he was only an infant and he’s in them now!

Everything I buy ahead of time, I pack up in marked bins, so when he gets to that size, I can pull out my bin and see what we already have!

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