Under $1 at Walgreens 2/20-2/26

Check out Getting Started at Walgreens if you’ve never shopped there before.

All RR deals are one per transaction and don’t roll unless otherwise stated.

(What does “roll” mean? If you use RR from a deal to pay for the SAMEdeal (item) in another transaction, RR will NOT print in the secondtransaction)
Itemcount in your transaction must exceed your coupon count to get your RRprinted. (See Getting Started for more explanation).
Under $1 at Walgreens 2/20-2/26
Gain Dish Soap – 99c w/in ad coupon
-25c off Gain (1/16 PG)
-$1 off Gain (PG Everyday Savings Book)
Softsoap Handsoap – 99c w/in ad coupon
-35c off Softsoap (1/30 SS)
Dove and Degree Deodorant – $1.99 w/in ad coupon
-$2 off Dove Deodorant (1/30 RP)

Goody Ouchless Elastics – $2.99
RR: $2.00

Rephresh Brilliant PH Tampons – $5.99

RR: $5.00
-$1 off Rephresh printable 

Tilex, Clorox, Toilet Bowl, or Wipes, Liquid-Plumr or Formula 409, or Green Works – 2/$6
RR: $2.00 wyb 2
-75c off Clorox Disinfecting wipes (1/2 SS)
-$1 off Greenworks Cleaner printable
=as low as $2 for 2

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