Rebate of the Day – Caregiver’s Marketplace NEW items!

The Caregiver’s Marketplace is a cashback program for certain health care items. Participating brands include Aspecreme, Balmex, IcyHot, Gold Bond, Depends, Poise, Colace, Senokot, Triderma, Kaopectate, Cortizone-10 and others.

If you purchase any of these products regularly you should check out The Caregiver’s Marketplace.  You have to purchase 5 eligible products before you can submit a rebate.  Or you can save up all your receipts and send them in at the end of the year!

Other exciting news is that Caregiver’s Marketplace is launching a sister site called MomSmartValuesMomSmartValues is a rebate program for parents of children age 0-12.  A launch date hasn’t been determined yet, but you can sign up at the  MomSmartValues website for e-mail updates Ideally, this program would included diapers, training pants, wipes, baby care items, basic first aid items, etc.  I don’t know if when it launches it will be “retro-active” (meaning you can submit for anything you purchased this year – since Caregiver’s Marketplace is year to year), but it’s worth saving and organizing all your receipts in case it is!!!

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