I love clearance kids clothes at Target!

Look at this adorable 4pc outfit I scored at Target for $6.25!!  It’s a 3T.  Bug is in between sizes right now (how annoying!)  I find myself mixing and matching 2T and 3T tops and pants to fit.  3T jeans fit good but 3T dress pants are too long.  But 2T dress pants are too short!

Anyway, I haven’t tried this on him yet, but I’m hoping he can wear it for Easter.  He has a blue and brown tie that I think would look great with it!

Did I mention it only cost me $6.25???

This pullover cost $1.75.  It’s a 4T that I’m putting up for next winter. 

It’s super soft, has a cute little robot on it and it only cost $1.75!!!  Yeah, I know I said that, but anyway.

These two things cost me $8.72 after tax.  I think the dress outfit alone was $20 regular price!

I loooooooooooooove the Target clearance racks.  In fact, I haven’t bought bug anything from Target that wasn’t off a clearance rack!

While I was there they had Gerber 2 pack zippered sleepers on clearance.  They were holiday prints and they were $2.78 (I think?  Under $3 for sure!)  Great to get for next year!  They didn’t have any in a 4T or I would’ve got Bug some for next Christmas.  :(((  Boo.

And here’s a picture of the handsome little devil that gets to wear these clothes:

He desperately needs a haircut….

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