28 Ways to Save on Anything – Trim excess off your monthly bills!

Join me everyday in February as I share ways to save money on just about anything you need, want, use! 

Here are some ways to save on your monthly bills.  Trimming $5 here and $10 there really adds up over time!

  • Scan your monthly bills line by line and see if there is anything you can cut back on. 
    • Are you paying for unlimited text messages on your cell phone but only using 50-100 texts a month? Most carriers have a 200 message package for about $5 a month. This could save you $15-$25/month!
    • Could you live with a slower internet speed? It could save you $15-$20/month!
    • Check with your cable or satellite provider to see a list (usually found on their websites) of channels in every package. Most have comparison charts where you can see the channels offered in the basic package and the additional channels offered in the higher packages. Scan through the channels in the package you have. You’d be surprised to find out that you might not even watch any of the “extra” channels in your package. You could go down to a lesser package and not miss a thing! This could save you at least $10/month if you only went down one package.
  • Consider ditching the landline.  Seems like more and more people are doing this now that cell phones are so popular and convenient.  For a little extra security, we got a magicJack so we have an extra phone.  We did that after our cell provider “accidentally” turned off our phones – while my husband was at work and I was at home with a 3 week old baby and no phone!! 
  •  Negotiate.  When we had satellite, I kept seeing advertisements for new customers and their package prices were way less than what I was paying.  I called and asked them about it and while they couldn’t give me the new customer price they did give me 3 free months of movie channels and $10 off my bill each month for 6 months.  Get an offer from a competing company?  Call your company and tell them you’re considering switching because of the better offer.  They will most likely offer your something to keep you.  They might not be able to match the competitors offer, but it will likely be a fair amount of savings without the hassle of switching companies.
  • What can you live without?  We recently turned off our satellite service and honestly, I don’t miss it!  And we are saving $80/month!  Don’t know if you could take that plunge?  Most companies will allow you to “suspend” your service for a certain amount of time.  You can see how you could get by without TV before terminating completely.  We’ve suspended ours for 6 months to see how we like it and will have saved $480 by the end of the 6 months.  That equals one car payment, one month of insurance and one month’s water bill!!  That’s some serious savings!
  • If you must keep satellite, landlines and internet, consider bundling your services with one company.  This could usually result in some savings.

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