28 Ways to Save on Anything – Entertainment, Attractions, Shopping, and more with Daily Deal Sites!

Join me everyday in February as I share ways to save money on just about anything you need, want, use!

Daily Deal sites are popping up all over the place and if you understand them, you can save big on fun things for your family to do!

Daily Deal Sites – What are they?

Basically, a Daily Deal site is a site that a company can use to sell items in a large quantity at a discount.  We’ll use tickets as an example.  An amusement park/theater/etc comes to the daily deal site and says, “We will sell these tickets for 50% off if you can sell 300 of them.”  So the site lists the deal.  Now, the first 299 people that “buy the deal” haven’t actually bought the deal until that 300th person comes along.  But once the threshold is met, “the deal is on”.  Sometimes there will be a cap on how many deals there are to purchase or a time limit on how long the deal lasts.  But you can generally score some good deals.

A good example of a daily deal site is Groupon – think a coupon for a group and it kinda helps you understand the premise.  I got a $50 Gift Certificate to Gap for $25 from Groupon once.

Here are the daily deal sites you can join:


Eversave – get a $2 credit when you sign up!

Plum District– get $5 credit toward your first deal purchase if you purchase within 7 days of joining!

Living Social get 5 “deal bucks” to put toward any deal when you sign up!  (Living Social also has a new “Family Deals” category where you can get a family friendly deal sent to you!  Specifically for attractions, amusement parts and family/kid centered things)

Mamapediaa daily deal site for moms!  Get a $5 credit when you register!

Zulily – a daily deal site geared toward moms!

It costs nothing to sign up and each days deal is sent directly to your inbox!

Daily Deal Site Tip!  If you are planning a vacation in the future, subscribe to the daily deals for that location.  You may come across a great deal on an attraction, restaurant or entertainment in that area!! 

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