Winn-Dixie’s Baby Club

Here is a much overdue updated post on Winn-Dixie’s Baby Club.  To join the Baby Club, you must first have a Customer Reward card.  (You can apply online if you don’t have one).

The first benefit to joining the Winn-Dixie Baby Club is the first set of coupons they send you!  You will receive 3 coupons:

  • A FREE pack of Kuddles (WD brand) diapers!
  • A FREE pack of Kuddles wipes!
  • $10 off a $50 purchase!

The other benefit of Baby Club Membership is earning Baby Club points.  You earn 1 point per dollar spent on baby items (pretty much everything found on their baby aisle from diapers and wipes, to formula and food, to sippy cups and pacifiers).  Baby Club points are calculated before coupons unless they are store coupons.  For example, if Pampers are $10 and you have a $2 manufacturer coupon you will still get 10 points.  But you will not get points for buying the Kuddles diapers with your first FREE coupon because that is a store coupon.

When you reach 200 baby club points, you get a $10 certificate to WD.  (Specifically, a $10 off a purchase of $10 or more.)  What I love about this is when you reach your 200 points, the register will beep and the cashier will ask if you want to use your $10 on your current order instead of getting a certificate to use later!  What?  You want to give me $10 off right now?  YES!   And you can use this with a $/$$ coupon (like $5 off $55).  Normally, you can’t use 2 “$$ off” coupons in one transactions but because the Baby Club rewards are treated like cash, you can!

You get other coupons by mail and special savings that are specifically for baby club members.  And sometimes they do TRIPLE points on certain brands (like Luvs or Gerber).

Right before your child’s birthday, you’ll receive another set of coupons:

  • FREE 12 count cupcakes from the bakery
  • FREE 12 count WD ice cream cups
  • $10 off $50 purchase

Here is another example of coupons you get from the baby club.  I received these a few days ago.

Who can sign up for the Baby Club?
Any Reward Card holder who is expecting or has a child under 2!

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