Winn-Dixie Bargain Brag (sale good through Tues!)

This bargain brag is in two pictures.  I know, it doesn’t have the same effect but some of the stuff was staying in storage in the garage (second picture) and I wasn’t hauling it all upstairs just for a picture!

Here are some highlights:

The Green Giant vegetables were FREE!

The two bottles of Mott’s Medley juice (second picture) were 99c!  (I had some blinkie coupons I picked up from Publix a few weeks ago!)

The two packs of cat treats were 80c!  (That flavor was on clearance for 90c and I had a $1/2 blinkie coupon I picked up a few weeks ago.  Sadly, the coupon dispenser isn’t there anymore or I would’ve gotten more!)

And one pack of Kuddles Diapers and the box of wipes were FREE! (Baby Club Coupons)  And I used the $3 off any diapers store coupon to get the other pack of Kuddles for only $4.49.  The Pampers Wipes were $3.99 – I stacked the $1 off any wipes store coupon with a $1 manufacturer coupon (a peelie from inside another Pampers product)

You can see all the Winn-Dixie deals here.

So here is how it all breaks down in my Savings Tracker:
Shelf Cost: $115.17
Discounts (sale savings): $45.01
Coupons:  $30.08
Subtotal: $40.62 (65% savings!!!)
Tax: $4.51
Cost to me: $45.13!

Total Saved: $75.09!! 

I got a couple things that weren’t on sale.  Like the vienna sausages, tortillas, and lighter fluid.  We’re are bracing for some winter weather here which could include power outages.  So I was grabbing a couple extra things for that.  The tortillas are to make chicken wraps with the Tyson strips (that are BOGO!) – that’s a good “no cook” meal.  The lighter fluid and charcoal (which was on sale!) is in case we need to use the grill.  Hopefully we won’t lose power tonight/tomorrow or if we do, maybe it won’t be for very long.  But either way, we’re prepared.  (Don’t think this is all I have – since I stockpile, I have MUCH more.  These were just some extra things I wanted to add to what I had!)

Sitting under the lighter fluid is a little emergency kit that has some emergency lighting and a little burner for cooking/heat.  The kit is regularly $21 and it was on sale for $5.99!!  If we don’t need it this week, I’ll add it to our emergency preparedness stockpile.  I think it was pretty good deal!

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