Stockpiling Saturday – Medicine!

 Wow, is it ever important to have a stockpile of medicine!  Especially when you go to bed feeling a little icky one night and wake up the next morning with the FLU!  Other than getting the antibiotic that the doctor prescribed me, I didn’t have to buy ANY medicine this week.  I had it all, decongestants, cough syrup, cough drops, vapor rub, nasal sprays… I was set!

I pulled all the cough/cold/flu medicines to the front for the purpse of the pictures, but I also have a good supply of medicines for heartburn, diarrhea, headache, back pain, allergies, ear aches, sore throat, gas, constipation, indigestion, pretty much whatever ails you!

This is a little organized I keep in one of the bathroom cabinets.  I had a box of Dayquil too but I was using it at the time.  :)))

The drawer under it contains about 3 bags of cough drops.

Medication is expensive!  I can’t imagine how much I would’ve spent at the pharmacy if I had to buy cough syrup, decongestant, some cough drops and vapor rub because I was sick and didn’t have anything at home that I needed!

You can carry your stockpiling habits over into stockpiling medicines for common ailments.  When you see a great deal on medicine, jump on it!  Then when your sick, you won’t be combing the aisles, trying to find what you need and spending $10-$20 on it!  (For example, the Nyquil in the first picture and the Dayquil that’s not pictured because I was using it, both cost me less than $5 from Walgreens a couple months ago.  That’s not bad for BOTH medications.  And those are what I used the most while I was sick this week.  If I had to buy those this week, I would’ve most likely spent $15.  So, by purchasing it on sale and having it when I needed it, I saved myself $10+!!

When you are stockpiling medication, make sure it has a looooooooooooooong expiration date.  I have some children Triaminic that has a 2013 date – so it’s possible to find dates that are way out there.  I always look through all the medicine on the shelf to see if the dates differ.  Sometimes by looking at the box or bottle 3 or 4 deep in the shelf, I’ll find that the expiration dates vary by a few months!  The first couple may have a 2/2012 expiration but if I look a little further back, I might find one with a 9/2012 expiration date.  When you are stockpiling medicine, this is important!

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