Save 50c per gallon with Winn-Dixie Fuelperks (selected areas)

Winn-Dixie ANNOUNCES 50-cent-PER-GALLON GAS discounts

Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., is temporarily expanding the discounts earned through its fuelperks! program to help local motorists fight rising gasoline prices, which have passed the $3-per-gallon threshold.  The grocer is rewarding shoppers using their Customer Reward Card with a 50-cents-per-gallon savings on gas for every single transaction of $100 or more in groceries beginning Jan. 26 through Feb. 8. 

The limited-time bonus is five times the normal fuelperks! savings earned by customers using their Customer Reward Card. For example, shoppers who purchase $100 in a single transaction will now save 50 cents per gallon on their next tank of gas (saving $10 on a 20-gallon purchase) rather than the standard 10 cents off per gallon.

There is a maximum of one 50-cent-per-gallon discount per transaction, but customers who spend $100 in subsequent transactions will receive an additional 50-cent-per-gallon discount. Some exclusions apply including purchases from the in-store pharmacy, alcohol and tobacco products, sushi, gift cards, phone cards, money orders, lottery tickets or third-party services sold at the store service desk.

The fuelperks! program is available in northeast Florida, southeast Georgia, Panama City, New Orleans, Lafayette and Baton Rouge. For more information about fuelperks!, please visit the fuelperks! website or Facebook page.