How much do I spend/save on an average grocery shopping trip?

This question was asked to me by a reader who also happens to be my cousin.  I thought it was a fabulous question!  (Thanks Tess!)

She actually asked me on Facebook, but since it was on my personal page and not the blog page, all my wonderful followers didn’t get to read the conversation.

So, here is the Facebook conversation we had:

Tess:  I went grocery shopping today. Armed with tons of coupons, lol. The only thing better than coupons is doubling coupons, hehe. Anyway. I don’t know why I haven’t asked this before, but how much do you usually spend at the grocery store?

Me: My monthly budget is $300. That includes groceries and anything I buy at CVS or Walgreens (diapers, shampoo etc…) I go to Winn-Dixie just about every Saturday. An average trip is $50. If it’s a really good sale week, I might spend close to $70. If it’s an off week, I may only spend $30

Tess: So about how much money’s worth of groceries do you get with the $50?

Me:  I’ve been averaging a 50-65% savings at Winn-Dixie lately. So for $50, I can get $100 to $120 worth of stuff. The goal is for the amount under “You Saved” to be higher than what you actually spent. :)))

Tess:  Wow. That’s awesome. I do pretty good, but I haven’t gotten that good yet.

Me:  My personal best was a small trip I made on Christmas eve. I spent $23 and SAVED $65! (So, $88 worth of stuff $23!) That includes sale prices, not just coupons. (Like if something is BOGO, then the cost of one of the items is factored into the savings amount.)
If you ever have any questions, the Facebook page is a GREAT place to ask them!  Just post your question, comment, idea, bargain brag or great find right on $aving Toward A Better Life’s Facebook wall!

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