Groceries this week and Savings Tracker update!

Once we thawed out a little this past week, we went grocery shopping!  And by “we” I mean, I drug Hubs along with me.  When he’s there to push the buggy and entertain Bug, I can get in and out fast!

So we went to Winn-Dixie last Wednesday and I did something I don’t normally do, I did TWO transactions at the grocery store.  I had a $5/$55 and a $5/$30 that I wanted to use and couldn’t in the same transaction.  So I split them up.

First transaction was not very good.  :(  I realized after I got home that my orange juice that I purchased was the wrong one.  The deal was to buy the Tropicana brand and get the Winn-Dixie brand free.  But it was specifically the “no pulp” kind.  I got the “no pulp with calcium”.  So it didn’t ring up free.  So that made my transaction $3.29 +tax more than it should’ve been and now I have 2 containers of orange juice that cost me nearly $7.  And just now while I was looking over my receipt for this post, something I didn’t catch before, my raviolis that were supposed to be free for buying the meatballs did not ring up FREE!  That’s another $8!!  So this trip was just bad all around.  (This is why I don’t do two transactions at the grocery store!  I can’t watch for things while I’m trying to get the next transaction ready!  So I wasted $15 on the first transaction.  :(((

Anyway, here is the breakdown of my first transaction:
Shelf Cost: $71.25
Discounts (sale savings) – $16.14
Coupons – $12.00
+tax – $4.69
= $47.80
Savings of 39.5%
Should’ve been more like $33 instead if I hadn’t messed up so bad.

Second transaction:
Shelf Cost: $97.45
Discounts (sale savings) – $40.21  
Coupons – $16.34
+tax – $4.70
Savings of 58%!!!

See how the second transaction was $2.20 LESS than the first?  I had 33 items in the lower OOP transactions and only 18 in the first transaction!

So, I’m going to try not to dwell on this trip.  Even the pros make mistakes sometimes.  :(

My January Savings are looking ok as a whole.  Total shelf cost for my groceries so far this month is $500.94.  My OOP cost is $233.02 – a savings of almost 59%!!

I have $66.98 left to spend this month.

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