End of the Month Savings Tracker Update for January 2011

Okay, so I’m totally in love with my savings tracker!  It makes saving money even more fun!

I have to confess, even though I was already a little over-budget for the month, I went to Walgreens last week – there were some deals I couldn’t pass on.   BOGO Hanes, diapers, men’s shave gel, cheap Stayfree, etc.   I spent $26.55, I saved $37.53 and earned $5 RR.  The savings rate was 62% which really helped my average for the month!

Here’s how January breaks down:

Total Shelf Cost:               $760.63

Total Coupon Savings:       $206.65

Total Discounts:                $238.83

Total Savings:                   $470.96

Amount Paid:                    $359.72

Rebates earned this month:  $25.48

Amount spent after rebates:   $334.24  <—— only $34.24 over budget!

Savings Rate: 61.92%!

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