Saturday’s Saving Tips – How I saved on Christmas gifts!

I am so proud because this is the FIRST Christmas in 4 years where I did not have to CHARGE gifts!  I am so proud of myself!

How did I do it?

  • I shopped all year round.  In fact, Bug’s two big “Santa” gifts were bought last year right after Christmas on clearance for less than $20 for both!  (A tot sized drum set and a sit n’ spin toy).  They’ve been in the garage for almost a year just waiting for this day!  I really started Christmas shopping in late August/early September.  I just watched and waited for deals to come around on good things I could give for gifts – especially for my 4 nieces.  This made it easier to spread the expenses out.  I could afford $10 here one month and $20 there the next month easier than I could afford to drop $100 in December.
  • I used Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks.  You can read more about what I got and how here and here.  You can read more about Swagbucks and how you can earn FREE gift cards here.
  • I took advantage of FREE photo gifts!  I gave photo mugs, photo flip books, and photo key chains as gifts.  All items were purchased at different times over the year when the right FREE promotion cam along.  Sites like Vistaprint, Snapfish, Photoworks and See Here are good for these things!
  • I gifted from my stockpile!  Read ideas on how to do that here.  I made several gift baskets this Christmas.  I made one with coffee that I had gotten for FREE and a photo mug.  I made one with razors, shaving cream and cologne I got for FREE.  I added some candy to that one and it made a great gift for Hubs’ step-father.  FREE candles and lotions made some nice gift bags too!

I’d like to hear how YOU saved this Christmas!  Share your tips and ideas below!  And after you enjoy your holiday, hit the stores and start shopping for next Christmas!!!

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