12 Days of Christmas Traditions – the countdown! (and craft idea!)

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How do you countdown to Christmas?

I had this calendar with pockets in it.  Each night you moved the little mouse until you got to the last pocket, and this it was Christmas Eve!

Now the calendar is Bug’s.  Last year he had no idea.  This year, he doesn’t understand it but he loves “my mouse” as he calls it.

Here’s a craft idea to make your own countdown to Christmas.

Cut out of construction paper or cardstock and Christmas shape (star, tree, bell, etc.  I do bells with my preschool class).  Make it large – use the entire sheet of paper for the shape.  Punch a hole in the top (for hanging) and the bottom (for attaching the chain.)
Using 1/2-3/4 inch wide strips of paper (I use red and green) make a paper chain.  (You know, fold one strip over into a circle, secure with glue or tape.  Take the next strip of paper and feed it through the circle and make it a circle, etc., etc.)
Use as many strips of paper as you have days left until Christmas.  Tie the completed chain to the hole in the bottom of your shape.  Each night at bedtime, take one ring off the chain.  When the lest one is gone, it’s Christmas Eve!

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