What’s in your mailbox?

Oh, I could not be anymore tired!  What a long two days it has been.  And I’m quite sure I won’t want to eat again for veeeeeeeeery long time!

But, one more post before I slip into a turkey and dressing induced coma.

Here’s what was in my mailbox today:

I got my coupon for a Free Meal Deal for joining the Zax Mail Club at Zaxby’s (this actually came earlier in the week on a day where I didn’t do a mailbox post).  But today I got another Zaxby’s coupon for a Free Nibbler Sandwich.

I also got coupons from Lance.  I got TWO coupons for a FREE Lance Snack Product and two coupons for $1 off a Lance Snack Product!  AWESOME!  :)))

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