All About Me – Day 15 – My Dream House

Ooooh! This one is FUN!  My Dream House?  If I were able to build a house from scratch exactly how I wanted it….well, you wouldn’t want to sit here and read about it!

But one of my FAAAAAAAAAAVORITE existing houses is actually for sale right now and I drove past it Saturday when I was taking Bug to the Zoo.

Here it is.

Isn’t it lovely? And it’s not just this house, it’s also the neighborhood/ community it’s located in.  It has sidewalks and you can walk to the closest stores and restaurants.  Heck, we could walk to the zoo from where this house is!  (Which is much nicer than our current 40 minute drive to the zoo!)

There are actually several houses in this area that I would jump on if I had the chance.  But this one is particularly nice.  And it’s only $1,049,000!!  Pocket change, right?

Realistically, my dream house is the house I grew up in.  From the age of 3 to 21, I had the privilege of living in the same house nestled in 8 wooded acres with a pond.  My dad still lives there and I’m hoping when he no longer has use for the house, I’ll be able to move my family into the house where I was raised and have so many wonderful memories!

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