Tuesday’s Treat – 15 FREE Things to do this weekend!

Erin at Fun with Freebies has some great ideas for 15 FREE things you can do this weekend!  (Oh, I did I mention, they are FUN?)

  • Visit an animal shelter and donate some of the FREE pet food or treat samples you get! While you are there take the dogs outside for a walk or just play with the animals.
  •  Look to see what free events are going on in your city by visiting the local community webpage or looking in the newspaper. Many times there will be free concerts in the park or festivals you can attend. 
  • Clean out your house and sell the items you don’t want in a garage sale. This will make for a profitable weekend where you make money instead of spend it!Go to the beach and pack your lunch instead of buying it!
  • Hold a Family Game night and set up prizes for the winner such as a not having to do the dishes for a week.  
  • Visit a Farmers Market and support the local economy! Often they have free samples of the produce or products for you to try. 
  • Take your kids or your dog to the local park to enjoy the nice weather before it turns cold again!   
  • Visit your local library and check out books for free. You can also check out movies for free too!

  • Visit a free museum or a zoo in your city. Call ahead to find out when they have days that are free to the public or if they will give you free passes.

  • Go to a local wine shop and sign up for wine tastings. The wine tasting is free and sometimes they will provide light snacks or appetizers.

  • Hold a neighborhood BBQ and have everyone bring something for a potluck dinner. Use only ingredients you already have on hand to make the dish for free!  

  • Do some volunteer work at a local nursing home or with an elderly neighbor. Helping someone else is very rewarding and small tasks often take a long time for them to complete. 

  • Go to the cosmetics counter at your local department store and get a free make over. Many times they will do your makeup for free and give you samples of the products to take home.

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