Fun things to do with Freebies!

We all looooooooove getting free samples don’t we?  That’s why freebies have their own day dedicated to them at Friday’s Freebies!

But let’s face it, sometimes we get overloaded with all the free stuff coming our way!

Erin at Fun with Freebies has some great ideas on what to do with our extra freebies!

Here are her ideas:

  • Sell them on Ebay or in a Garage sale – You would be surprised which freebies will sell on Ebay. My sister and I did great selling Bare Mineral samples on Ebay.  Cosmetics always go fast at garage sales too!
  • Donate them to your local Women’s Shelter or Food bank – Let’s face it sometimes we get overloaded with freebies and other people can definitely use them. Find your local women’s shelter and drop them off there.
  • Make a gift basket – I have been collecting baby freebies such as diapers, formula, onesies, bottles, etc and put them all together in a nice gift basket as a shower gift.
  • Hold a freebie swap with friends. Have everyone bring over any extra freebies/samples they have and everyone gets to trade and try out new products.
  • Use them as stocking stuffers – Trial size shampoos, lotions and cosmetics are great to fill up stockings at Christmas or an Easter basket. 

Thanks for the great ideas, Erin!

I especially love the Freebie Swap idea!  I have a baby and I have a friend who has a dog.   She requests baby samples when she finds them and I request pet samples and we swap!  I also sell my “overstock” in garage sales!