Survey Site Results for August

Here is the monthly recap of my four favorite sites for earning a little extra cash.  Steer clear of any sites that promise you “quit your job money” because it’s a scam.  These four are completely legit, two of them I have used for years.

I ended July with $15.39 in my account.  I’ve only earned $2 this month.  But I didn’t do any surveys.  I probably read 10-12c of paid e-mails.  The rest were referral rewards.  My first payment was processed the 1st of the month so I should be receiving a check soon!  Now that I’ve had a payment processed I am a Gold Member which means shorter waiting period for a check (1 week instead of 1 month) and higher referral rewards!

InboxDollars August balance: $17.39

MindField Internet Panel
I didn’t do any Mindfield surveys this month.  :(  I had some sent to me…just didn’t do them.  I still have $11 in my MindField account.  You only need $5 to cash out with PayPal! 

I ended July with $15.45  in SurveyHead earnings.  I currently have $24.45!!
I also have $6 pending (not credited yet).  When my pending amount clears I will have enough ($25 or more) to cash out via PayPal!!


I didn’t do a whole lot with MyPoints this month either.  I have 2,387 MyPoints.  That’s 55 more points than I had last month.  All those points came from searching the web with the MyPoints toolbar and redeeming COUPONS!
I’m working towards 3600 points to get a $25 giftcard to CVS! 
My Points is not really a survey site.  But it is a good way to earn gift cards but searching, shopping online, and printing coupons.  Find out more about MyPoints here.

Join any or all of these sites and we can compare earnings in a month!  :)

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