Request for all my Blogging Friends

If you have a blog, I have something to ask of you.  I am looking for guest posts.  Lots of them.  There is a week coming up in October where I am going to be away from my computer.  And I need material to schedule to post while I am MIA that week or anytime between now and then if I’m having a busy day and can’t blog much.

Here are some topics that I’m interested in for the benefit of my readers (and myself!):

  • Meal planning
  • Freezer cooking
  • Stockpiling – your tips and tricks (and pictures!)
  • Saving money by making your own household cleaners (how-to)
  • Thrifty Halloween ideas (or Thanksgiving…or Christmas)
  • Growing your own vegetables in the Fall and/or Winter (what to plant, how to maintain, etc.)
  • Any quick, simple, money-saving recipes (cooking from your stockpile, utilizing leftovers, etc)
  • Organizing 
  • Fun activities for the kids for any of the upcoming holidays (thrifty or FREE)
  • Tips for teaching kids about money/saving/spending/etc
  • Homeschooling (an introduction to it, how to determine if it’s right for your family, how to find out more/get started, resources, thrifty homeschooling, etc. – I’m interested in this myself and would love to find a wise, experienced homeschooling mom to share with me and my readers!!)
  • Please feel free to send me any posts on any other topic that you consider yourself an “expert” on!  :)))  

I will give fullllllllllll credit in all the guests post with appropriate links back to you!  It’s a win-win for the both of us!  Don’t feel like you have to pick one post.  I will happily accepted multiple articles from anyone!

I am also looking for someone who does CVS and/or Walgreens matchups each week that would be willing to e-mail me your link to your matchups each week.  I would feature the items that are free that week and direct my readers to your post for the full matchup (see how I do Rite Aid).  I would also be willing to send you my (thorough) weekly Winn-Dixie matchups for you to post on your blog.

I’m also interested in featuring Wal-Mart and Aldi deals too if anyone covers those stores!

Email me at savingtowardabetterlife

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