CSN Stores Review

After I hosted a giveaway for CSNstores.com I was chosen as a preferred blogger for CSN Stores!  How exciting! 
CSNstores.com is 200+ stores that have everything you can imagine from dinner ware, to bed sheets, to lawn furniture.  Toys to shoes to tools, They have it all!

I was given an opportunity to do a review for them.  I looked around at a variety of things.  I was car seat shopping at the time so I looked around at their car seats (which you can get an extra 20% off of with code carseat20)

I looked at some cute Firetruck Bedding for my son.

Finally, necessity won out.  Our baby monitor had just gone out and I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep since it had.  So I looked through their selection of baby monitors.  There weren’t many to choose from.  They had several high end video baby monitors that I didn’t need.  There was one sound monitor in my price range – the Safety 1st Sound View Monitor

Safety 1st is a great brand.  I knew it would be a trustworthy product.  It arrived in a timely fashion.  I ordered right before the Labor Day weekend so that delayed it a little bit but otherwise I have no complaints with the shipping.

Here is a picture of it all setup and working: 
 Peaceful nights of sleep have been mine since I got this monitor!

I was given a specific amount to spend for my review and had a little left.  So I was looking through their toddler toys and found something I knew my son would love.  It’s the Stack and Sort Board made by Melissa and Doug (love their toys!)

It’s bright and colorful.  The pieces are large an nicely crafted.  And I love the educational concepts behind it.  My son is almost two and has really enjoyed playing with this toy!  Just in a few weeks of using this toy, he can already identify red and blue because of our using this toy and pointing out the colors to him.  (Did I mention he’s not 2 yet???  And he will point to the red and blue pieces and say “red” or “blue”!!)

Bug is completely please with this toy.  Here’s some pictures of him enjoying it:


These pictures are from the day we got it when he was just trying it out.  Now he stacks the shapes on the matching color pegs.  I’m am pleased with the educational value of the toy and how much fun it is!

Thanks to CSN Stores for letting me do this review!!!

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