Are you following the Contact Us program??

Have you been following along as we contact companies?  We are receiving coupons for doing this!  I would like to point out how this is profitable by using an example from this week’s Winn Dixie ad:

Del Monte canned tomatoes or fruit is on sale Buy One Get One Free at $2.50.

That means you can get 2 cans for $2.50.

A couple weeks ago, I contacted Del Monte.  They sent me three coupons for 50c off any Del Monte products.

If I take two of these coupons to Winn Dixie this week I can get 2 cans of tomatoes or fruit for only 50c!  (Winn-Dixie doubles manufacturer coupons up to 50c – making each coupon worth $1!)  2 cans @ $2.50 – (2) $1 off coupons = 50c!!

Wanna know what’s even better?  Del Monte canned vegetables are 10/$10 ($1 each).  Since my coupons are worth $1 when doubled that means I can get FREE cans of vegetables!

Can you see the savings???

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