Saturday’s Saving Tips – Let’s Clean!

Okay, so this may be a little more about saving time than saving money….but time is money, right??

I have this thing about bathrooms.  I occasionally like to uber-clean mine, especially the floors.  I also have these bathtubs with the non-slip, textured surface that is hard to clean and gets grimy.  And it is hard to clean.  I know, I said that…but really, it’s hard to clean.

And, the mop….ewww…it gets used over and over and over.  It needs to be cleaned every so often.

I have one quick way to uber-clean my bathroom floors, get the grime out of the textured bottom of the tub AND clean my mop!

Here’s what I do:

I fill my tub with hot water about an inch and add a cup or so of bleach.  I use this to clean the floor with, getting the floor uber-clean and at the same time it cleans the mop.  I leave the bleach water to sit in the tub for a little while and when I drain and rinse, the grime is gone!  No scrubbing required!

You’ll want to check and see if it’s safe to use bleach on your floors.  I have linoleum and everything I’ve read says it’s okay.  I use a small bleach to water ratio and I don’t do it but a few times a year.  I love that I’m able to accomplish three things at once this way!

Do you have a cleaning tip that saves time and/or money?  Leave it below in the comments!  (If you have a blog to, leave the address.  If I get enough tips, I’ll compile them into a blog post with a link to your blog!)

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