Stockpiling Saturday – Let’s talk storage

I won’t lie to you, stockpiling takes storage.  If you have a small space, it takes creative storage.

I’ve told you before that I have the world’s smallest pantry.  So I have to resort to using the hall closet and a shelf in the basement for more storage.

Here are some things you can look into to see what works for your space.

Underbed boxes are great!  I don’t use them for grocery stockpile storage (though I know people who do!!)  I use them for storing off season clothing.

I have these two great over the door organizers.  The blue one came from Babies R Us.  It’s part of a mix and match closet organizing system for your nursery.  I ended up putting it in the bathroom next to the nursery.  We only have one under the sink cabinet in there so there was no room for baby stuff.  Washcloths are in the bottom, bath toys second, soaps, shampoos and baby washes in the third and diaper creams and medicine at the top.
I also use a shoe organizer in my son’s closet.  It’s a little empty now.  When he was little, it had bibs and burb cloths, shoes, socks, all kinds of things in it.  Now I still keep his socks in it.  I like how I can sort them by colors and easily see what I want.  There are some things up top that I don’t want him getting in to.  But the bottom I use for toys because he can reach those pockets.

Search for over the door organizers

I have a few of these in the basement.  I’m hoping after the yard sale and we’ve cleaned out all our JUNK, I’ll have better access to them and can use them for more stockpile storage.  Right now, only one is being used for that purpose.

These are great for basements an garages for paper goods, cleaning products and canned good storage.

How do you organize your stockpiles?   Let us know!  Link up below!

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