My Frugal First Aid Kit

I made this little first aid kit to keep in my car.  And it was cheap!
Assorted sizes of Band-aids, wipes & gauze pad from a smaller kit I got for FREE.
Roll of Rolaids I got for FREE
Dental Floss from the Dentist’s office (so, FREE)
Hand Sanitizer (FREE with a coupon from Publix Baby Club)
Contact Solution & Case I got for FREE
Anti-Itch cream, Triple Antibiotic ointment, Aspirin, Immodium & Advil Sinus (got from cleaning out the bathroom cabinets!)
And the cute little red box was FREE from Walgreens.  Check your local Walgreens and see if they are still doing the “Buy 2 participating products – get a free First Aid Kit”.  Just make sure it rings up right because my Wags had to adjust it.
I ended up taking the sunscreen out because I didn’t have enough room.  I also took out the aspirin bottle.  I took an extra contact lens case (never used) and put some aspirin in one side and ibuprofen in the other side.  Perfect pill carrier!
Do you have basic first aid supplies and necessary medications handy at all times?  I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever carried first aid in my car.

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