$70 challenge

$70 is how much I have left in the budget this month for groceries.  Yeah, I did a big grocery shop the beginning of the month and have made two small not-the-best-deal grocery shops.  I didn’t fall off the frugal wagon, I just dangled one leg over the side for a bit.  Last week was just a crazy week and I fell a little behind …there were a few things that I got, deal or not.

Anyway, so out of $350 for the month, I have $70 left.  Usually, I try to keep it around $300/month for groceries but this is a “long” month.  I know, that seems weird because all months have 30-31 days but months with 5 Fridays are “long” when it comes to the budget.  I can’t explain it, but on the 5 Friday months, we need a little extra grocery money, gas money and pocket money.  But we also bring in more money those months.  But because Friday’s are paydays, we have an extra payday on 5 Friday months!  :)

Okay, so back to it.  There are 17 days left in the month and I have $70.  I’ve taken it out in cash (no debiting gorceries!) so I can keep track of it.

Do you think I can do it?  $70 for 17 days?  I’ll keep you posted!

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