Stockpiling Saturday – Let’s Talk Toliet Paper

My toilet paper supply is small and dwindling.  I need to keep a better eye out for deals.  Which leads my to my question…

What is a good deal on toilet paper?

I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t spot a good deal on toilet paper until I read on another blog that toilet paper deals have been few recently.  That made me feel better.

I did some searching on toilet paper deals to figure out what really is a good deal.  I found this tip:

Take the total square footage in the pack of toilet paper, move the decimal two places to the left.  This is what you should be paying or less.  Anything more than this number is not the best deal.  Example: 300.5 sq ft – move decimal point – 3.005 = $3.00 or less is what you want to pay for the pack.  This equates to 1c per square foot.  (If you pay less, then you are getting it for LESS THAN 1c per square foot!)

Hope this helps!  I’ll be scouring for the best toilet paper deals now using this method!  I’ll take another picture when my stockpile gets bigger!

Have a stockpile picture you’d like to share?  Link up below!

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